Entry Forms

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Graded Music Exams

If you want to enter via post, fill in the appropriate entry form and post it to us with a cheque or postal order. Our postal address can be found within the entry form.

Adobe Reader Icon Individual Graded Exam Entry Form
(130KB, 1 page, .pdf)
This entry form is tailored for individuals wishing to enrol on either a Grade Exam version or Performance Certificate version of a graded music exam qualification.
Adobe Reader Icon Teacher Entry Form
(206KB, 2 pages, .pdf)
This entry form is tailored for teachers wishing to enrol a number of candidates onto Rockschool qualifications. To qualify for a guaranteed examiner visit a teacher must enter either at least 17 candidates or examination fees of £650 or greater.
Adobe Reader Icon Band Exam Entry Form
(407KB, 2 pages, .pdf)
This entry form is tailored for band exam candidates wishing to enrol their band on a Rockschool band exam.

Vocational Qualifications

To enrol on one of our Vocational Qualifications you'll need to do so by contacting your nearest, or most convenient, centre. To locate your nearest centre click on the qualification you're interested in, whether it be Music Practitioner, Music Educator or Creative Practitioner then click on the respective qualification and select the "locate a centre" option. Alternatively you can contact us at Rockschool for assistance using one of the options available in the Contact Us section of the website.