Creative Practitioner

Level 4 Diploma

The Level 4 Diploma prepares the learner to progress directly into self employment as an artist or freelance technician/musician in the creative & media industries. The Diploma combines the process of self-reflection, and the creation of an artist development plan with the showcasing of artwork and critical analysis of their development. The qualification has a credit value of 64 credits, where each credit broadly equates to 10 learning hours.


At present the Creative Pracititoner qualification only has one pathway, Artist Development, although more pathways will be available soon. The Artist Development pathway assesses the process by which artists and freelance musicians/creative technicians develop their professional careers rather than the individual artform-specific skills. This process is akin to the activity undertaken through traditional artist relationships with managers, agents, publishing companies, record company A&R departments and agents.


The Level 4 Extended Certificate for Creative Practitioners consists of four mandatory units:

Pathway Credit
Deconstructing the Artist 16
Artist Development 16
Artist Presentation 24
Re-Evaluating the Artist 8

Deconstructing the Artist develops a learners' understanding of themselves as artists relative to their current output, its broader context and its potential destination. As a result of the deconstruction process a learner will be in a position to make relevant, informed choices in relation to their further development as artists.

Artist Development facilitates the creation of an artist development plan, defining objectives in relation to the learner's goals as an artist and containing strategies and timescales for reaching and reviewing the defined objectives.

Artist Presentation provides the opportunity to showcase publicly the artwork created in response to the artist development plan and to gather feedback in response to the presentation.

Re-Evaluating the Artist enables the learner to critically analyse their development in relation to objectives and in response to the presentation of artwork, and to undertake planning for their ongoing development.

Qualification Flexibility

The qualifications for Creative Practitioners are designed to be flexible, in that learners can move between the Level 4 Certificate, Extended Certificate and Diploma. This means, for example, that even though learners may begin a Level 4 Certificate, they can build on this unit to work towards the Level 4 Extended Certificate and/or Level 4 Diploma. Similarly, learners beginning on the Level 4 Diploma may subsequently decide to discontinue their studies after having achieved the units required for the Level 4 Certificate or Extended Certificate.

Assessment Information

Learners at Level 4 are expected to be largely independent and self-supporting in the creation of the evidence submitted for assessment. Thus, learners are explicitly encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning processes and successful candidates will therefore show a high level of initiative and self-motivation.

All assessment undertaken within these qualifications is internal assessment. This means that staff in centres provide assessment opportunities for learners and assess the work which learners produce to ensure they have met the standards required by the qualification.

Assessment information can be found in the Unit Specifications, which are available from the syllabus document. Each Unit Specification outlines:

  • Learning outcomes - what has to be learned
  • Assessment requirements - the standard learners are expected to meet to show that they have achieved the learning outcomes
  • Grading Criteria - descriptors of the quality of the work expected for each band of attainment - Pass, Merit, Distinction and Unclassified
  • Types of evidence - suggested evidence that would demonstrate that learners have met the assessment requirements/learning outcomes

Learners will be able to review their progress and check provisional results online. Learners will receive their certificate after the completion of all quality assurance processes.

Contact Rockschool

For more information about any aspect of the qualifications for Creative Practitioners, please contact Rockschool's Vocational Qualifications Manager on the following number during normal business hours: 0845 460 4747, or via the contact us form on this website.

Syllabus Notice

The new syllabus will be available shortly, until then please contact the Vocational Qualifications Manager on 0845 460 4747 for unit specifications, selection tables or any other syllabus related information.