Creative Practitioner

Rockschool's Level 4 qualifications for Creative Practitioners have been designed to provide vocationally relevant courses in creative and media arts aimed at emerging/aspiring artists and freelance musicians/creative technicians with some experience and understanding of their art form, who wish to develop their professional profile.

The creative and media industries have a continual demand for new artists. Creative artists forge some of the most iconic statements of our culture, from music to graphics to photography to computer games to product design to film. However, traditional mechanisms of artist development are shifting in a world becoming increasingly dominated by digital technology and the power of the internet. These qualifications aim to provide participants with the skills to be able to manage their own artistic development and so exploit opportunities in a fluid, dynamic and progressive workplace dominated by self-employment.


The qualifications are available at Level 4 and are offered in four different sizes: Certificate, Extended Certificate and Diploma. A qualification will be awarded upon successful completion of units required for that qualification. Each credit broadly equates to 10 learning hours.

Qualification QCF Credit UCAS Points Accredited
Level 4 Certificate 16 - Accredited
Level 4 Extended Certificate 28 - Accredited
Level 4 Diploma 64 - Accredited
Level 4 Extended Diploma 120 - Accredited

These qualifications are accredited with: OfQual, DCELLS and CCEA.

Syllabus Notice

The new syllabus will be available shortly, until then please contact the Vocational Qualifications Manager on 0845 460 4747 for unit specifications, selection tables or any other syllabus related information.
16-19 Qualifications

Statement of Purpose and Letters of Support for Rockschool's Vocational Qualifications for Creative Practitioners.