Rockschool puts performance at the heart of vocal exams. Each grade has a wide choice of repertoire that covers all the key skills required at that level. With songs from Adele, Jessie J, Ed Sheeran and Kings of Leon in the syllabus, candidates can perform the music they love AND get a qualification.


Rockschool's vocal qualifications are offered at grades 1-8. They're also accredited and have respective QCF credit values and UCAS points. Click on a specific grade below to view more information.

Grade Level QCF Credit UCAS Points Accredited
Grade 1 Level 1 6 - Accredited
Grade 2 Level 1 9 - Accredited
Grade 3 Level 1 12 - Accredited
Grade 4 Level 2 15 - Accredited
Grade 5 Level 2 18 - Accredited
Grade 6 Level 3 22 25-45 Accredited
Grade 7 Level 3 27 40-60 Accredited
Grade 8 Level 3 32 55-75 Accredited

These qualifications are accredited with: OfQual, DCELLS, CCEA and SQA Accreditation.

Grade Exam or Performance Certificate?

To help you decide which exam is best for you:

Grade Exam

Prepared Work
Unprepared Work
  • Sight reading or improvisation (quick study piece at Grade 6-8)
  • Ear tests
  • General musicianship questions

Performance Certificate

Prepared Work

Exam Dates, Fees & Exam Centres

Rockschool's exam dates and fees are available online as well as a list of our exam centres.

The Music

Rockschool's 2014-2017 Vocals Syllabus features 96 songs from the world’s biggest recording artists for male and female singers to use in their exam.

Individual books are available at each grade (1-8) and these are split into male and female with six songs in each and backing tracks provided on a download card. Candidates may mix and match the pieces as they wish. Candidates are also permitted to change the key of any song according to their range. In this situation an edited backing track must be provided to the examiner at the beginning of the exam.

Wider Repertoire

In addition to the new repertoire found in the 2014 Vocals Syllabus we've also updated our wider repertoire list to give you even more choice in your exam.

Changeover Information - Old and New Vocals Syllabus

You can take a vocals graded exam with the old Vocals syllabus until the end of period B, 2015. See full changeover information.
Download Syllabus

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2014/15 Brochure
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