Guitar Grade Exams and Performance Certificates are available at every Grade, from Entry Level (Debut) to Grade 8.
Grade Level QCF Credit UCAS Points Accredited
Entry Level (Debut) Entry Level 4 - Accredited
Grade 1 Level 1 6 - Accredited
Grade 2 Level 1 9 - Accredited
Grade 3 Level 1 12 - Accredited
Grade 4 Level 2 15 - Accredited
Grade 5 Level 2 18 - Accredited
Grade 6 Level 3 22 25-45 Accredited
Grade 7 Level 3 27 40-60 Accredited
Grade 8 Level 3 32 55-75 Accredited
The qualifications regulators of England (OfQual), the Welsh Government (DCELLS) and Northern Ireland (CCEA) accredit Graded Music Exams, Entry Level (Debut) to Grade 8. The qualifications regulator of Scotland (SQA Accreditation) accredit Graded Music Exams, Grades 1 to 8.

Grade Exam or Performance Certificate?

To help you decide which exam is best for you:

Grade Exam

Prepared Work
Unprepared Work
  • Sight Reading or Improvisation
  • Ear tests
  • General Musicianship Questions

Performance Certificate

Prepared Work
Both types of exam are accredited and receive UCAS points.

Exam Dates, Fees & Exam Centres

Rockschool's exam dates and fees. are available online as well as a list of our exam centres.
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