Vocals exams put performance at the heart of the exam. Each grade has a wide choice of repertoire that covers all the key skills required at that level. With songs from The Beatles, Robbie Williams, Eminem and Kylie in the syllabus candidates can perform the music they love AND get a qualification.


Rockschool's vocal qualifications are offered at grades 1-8. They're also accredited and have respective QCF credit values and UCAS points. Click on a specific grade below to view more information.

Grade Level QCF Credit UCAS Points Accredited
Grade 1 Level 1 6 - Accredited
Grade 2 Level 1 9 - Accredited
Grade 3 Level 1 12 - Accredited
Grade 4 Level 2 15 - Accredited
Grade 5 Level 2 18 - Accredited
Grade 6 Level 3 22 25-45 Accredited
Grade 7 Level 3 27 40-60 Accredited
Grade 8 Level 3 32 55-75 Accredited

These qualifications are accredited with: OfQual, DCELLS, CCEA and SQA Accreditation.

Syllabus Update

We've updated our Vocals Syllabus with brand new tunes for both Male and Female Vocals. Ranging from Lady Gaga to Rage Against The Machine, you can now choose from a whole range of new popular repertoire.

Grade Exam or Performance Certificate

There are two types of exams offered by Rockschool, at each grade; Grade Exams and Performance Certificates. What's the difference? Grade Exams consist of 3 performance pieces, technical exercises and musicianship tests. Whereas Performance Certificates consists of 5 performance pieces and no other tests or exercises.

Exam Centres

Rockschool has a long list of exam centres all across the UK and internationally. You can locate an exam centre by using our centre search tool.


Rockschool publishes more than 90 established hits associated with top international vocalists for use in the vocals exams. The volumes are split into male and female associated repertoire, but candidates may mix and match if they wish. At Level 1, covering grades 1-3, songs are in two keys, allowing candidates with differing vocal ranges to sing them effectively. Rockschool also recognises a number of additional songs, generally not owned by Music Sales, but which are available with backing tracks.

Download Syllabus

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