Dates & Fees


Rockschool exams take place during three periods across the year, as shown in the table below.

To enter for a Rockschool exam simply enter online.

Exam Duration Closing Date for Applications Period
1st February to 31st March 1st December A
1st May to 31st July 1st April B
23rd October to 15th December 1st October C

Please note, all late applications will incur a £15 administration fee, and we are unable to accept entry forms by email or confirm email requests for exam dates.


The fees are separate for Band Exams and non-Band Exams so please see the respective table below for the appropriate fees.

Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Bass, Piano & Band Based Keys Fees

Grade Price in Pounds (UK) Price in Euro (EU)
Entry Level (Debut) £37.00 €50.00
Grade 1 £39.50 €55.00
Grade 2 £42.50 €60.00
Grade 3 £47.00 €65.00
Grade 4 £53.00 €71.00
Grade 5 £57.00 €78.00
Grade 6 £62.00 €84.00
Grade 7 £68.00 €91.00
Grade 8 £74.00 €98.00

Band Exam Fees

Band exams are only offered at Grades 3, 5 and 8. Please note that the prices listed below are per candidate.
Grade Price in Pounds (UK) Price in Euro (EU)
Grade 3 £30.00 €45.00
Grade 5 £38.00 €60.00
Grade 8 £46.00 €80.00