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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Music for Youth's National Festival takes place on the 4th-9th July, if you'd like to be involved please check out all the performance slots below.

Every Day 4-9 July 2011

Emerging Leaders - Young Presenters & Music Mentors

If any of your students, aged 18-21, have what it takes to be a National Festival presenter or Music Mentor put them forward for Emerging Leaders. We’re looking for confident individuals looking for the opportunity to work with professionals and get hands on, behind the scenes experience to develop a better understanding of these roles.

To sign up email: dnairn@mfy.org.uk

Emerging Leaders - E/Volve Studio: Media opportunities

Use the Patrick Music & Multimedia Suite at Symphony Hall. Create reviews, documentaries, interviews and photographs – we’ll even put some of the projects up on our website and social networking sites.

To sign up email: alistair@mfy.org.uk

Tuesday 5 July 2011

The Big Sing – National Youth Choir

Symphony Hall, Tuesday 5 July, 13.15-14.15

Join Greg Beardsell, Dominic Peckham and members of the National Youth Choir for a big choral mash-up of pop, jazz and gospel riffs. For singers of all ages, this is seriously good fun, energetic and dynamic. Just bring your voice and your imagination.

To sign up email: dnairn@mfy.org.uk

Friday 8 July 2011

Performance Opportunity

Centenary Square, Friday 8 July, 30 minute performance slots available

Showcase your talent on the MFY outdoor stage and perform alongside musicians from across the UK. Performances will take place between 12pm-2pm, 2.30-4pm and 5.30pm-6pm.

To sign up email: tim@mfy.org.uk

Youth Music Theatre UK Workshops

Birmingham Conservatoire, Friday 8 July, 11.30-12.50 & 13.30-14.50

How do you get an audience hanging on to your every note? How do you communicate emotions so the audience really feel it in the same way you do?

This workshop will look at a very different type of improvisation – improvising mini scenarios communicating human emotions, it will be very dynamic and great fun. Amongst the tutors leading the workshop will be New Orleans Jazz trumpeter/singer Abram Wilson, an up and coming British jazz talent.

Any instrumentalist wanting to expand their performance skills and explore the relationship between acting and playing is welcome to take part.

To sign up email: sam@mfy.org.uk or call: 020 7759 1833

Everybody Play

Symphony Hall, Friday 8 July, 12.55pm-2.00pm

Join other musicians in an extra large, celebratory performance of PLAY! the brand new composition for the MFY season by Tim Steiner, commissioned by MFY and rockschool. PLAY is very flexible with a range of parts playable by any number and combination of instruments and voices - bring your instrument or get ready to sing to take part. Come and perform alongside musicians of any style, any age and any level of ability – everyone is welcome!

Download 'PLAY' Audio & Sheet music.

To sign up email: luke@mfy.org.uk

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