Top Tips For Beginner Keyboards: Improvisation Part 3

Monday, 13 June 2011

Improvisation Idea 3: Chords – Rhythmic

Last week we looked at 'atmospheric chords' - this week we'll focus around simple improvisation with rhythmic chords. 

The primary use of chords is to emphasise the rhythmic nature of the piece, often on the backbeat (beats 2 and 4) with the snare. This will particularly useful in Funk when a solid groove is essential. These add a forward drive to the piece and are often short and accented to add to the drum groove.

Try to establish a simple rhythmic phrase over two bars that repeat’s. Do not try to play different rhythms in every bar. A good song is identified by the memorable ideas which are often very simple.

Take a look at the following pieces for more ideas:

'Download' at Grade 3

(Click to view larger image)

‘Enough Said’ at Grade 4

(Click to view larger image)

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